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"Selected by Hakka Food and certificated by Hakka Affairs Council, Cultural and Tourism Bureau and Ministry of Health and Welfare, the restaurant with four generation cooking skills is recommended by TTV, CTV, GTV, SETN, FTV, OTT, EBC, USTV, HakkaTV,


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Sanyi in Miaoli County is a tourist township, famous for its wood carvings, and Sanyi Railway Station on the Old Mountain Line Railway has always been a favorite place for tourists. It is always an interesting place to remember this old station with nostalgic thoughts. Despite the narrowness of the evasive roads, it is often crowded during construction days, which does not diminish the interest of tourists. In order to capture the nostalgic mood of customers, the front of the restaurant is decorated with a replica of Sanyi Railway Station with the introduction of the Hakka style of Hakka Tung Season, Hakka Courtyard and Hakka Park to further understand the characteristics of Hakka cuisine.

Address 1F., No. 5-5, Shuanghu, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County 367, Taiwan
Phone (037)876482;0928-809067


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