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Roaming in The Provincial Government

Use the space of the provincial housing, promote the consignment space of arts and literary workers, let more people get in touch with the concept of slow living, and lead the travelers to re-recognize the elegance of Chung Hsing New Village with the

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Cycling Ride Party: Witness the cultural settlement and provincial culture of modern history of Taiwan through the Cycling Ride, and re-know the beautiful life in the past with all senses. Provincial Mossball Landscape Experience: Feel the beauty of Provincial Government's life through the flowers and trees in the environment, use hand-made moss balls to condense charming plants into a deep, inviting mini-world, showing the unique rhythm of plants attitude.

Address No. 84, Guangming 2nd Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 540, Taiwan
Phone 049-2312-476


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