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Set foot on the forever green grass, with breath taking valleys right before your eyes. Mountains stretched as far as the your sight goes, with blue skies calming your soul.

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With “great greenness beneath, thousand-meter deep valley in front, sea of mountains right before, and blue clear sky up above”, it is the image what Cingjing Skywalk gives you. Walking on the 1,700 meters high above the sea level yourself gently with 2,000 steps is another experience.

The Cingjing Skywalk connecting the old trails of Cingjing Guest House and the southern entrance of the Green Green Grassland is 1.2 kilometers in length and 2.5 meters in width. The Skywalk used concealed elevated design to get away the road, get across the grass land and pass through the woods in consideration of the environment as well as the scenery. It is an overhead aerial trail that can take in panoramic views allowing tourists to appreciate sheep eating grass, wild birds flying on the tree tops while enjoying hiking on the safely-designed Skywalk. Along the way, there are six platforms where tourists can take rest for a while to feel the wind blow, appreciate the Central Mountain Range and the valley of the Zhuoshui River.

【Entry Notice】

1.Opening Hours:08:00-17:00(stop entering the Skywalk from 16:30)

2.Please get your hand stamped by the staff at the entrance for one day reentry permit if you wish to visit different parks and the store street alongside.

Address Renhe Rd., Ren’ai Township, Nantou County 546001, Taiwan
Phone ●旅遊諮詢-清境步道服務專線:0492801651(查詢當地天氣路況) ●系統諮詢-南投好好玩客服專線:03-5910052 服務時間:週一~週五(不含國定例假日) 上午9:00~12:00,下午13:00~17:00(訂票、退費與系統操作諮詢)
Remark Opening Hours:08:00-17:00(stop entering the Skywalk from 16:30)