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Business Idea: Hakka Love strives for the business idea of producing a healthy Hakka cuisine, only what we are happy with ourselves. We do not just want to carry on the legacy of the traditional Hakka Leicha but also to elevate Leicha by bringing in

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As Leicha is a typical tea treat, as well as an important social event, in Hakka culture, to fulfill the nutritional needs of modern lifestyle of over-time and long-night work patterns, we have added 23~24 diverse elements such as grains, beans, nuts, and Chinese medicine herbs, etc.

With selected fresh grains and nuts, processed by different baking techniques which keeps the aroma of natural ingredients; in terms of tea, the spring tea of the Oriental Beauty variety brewed by the local Hsinchu tea masters through high-temperature steaming, sterilization, and the lastest cryogenic technology retains abundant nutrients such as chlorophyll, carotene, catechins, vitamins B, C, E and potassium, magnesium and green tea polyphenols, with high fiber content, resulting in great aroma without bitterness in the after-taste; while having poria, yam, ginkgo, guoshi and other health ingredients added to become one of the best choices for breakfast and snacks .

Apart from the popular mucha flavor, we also blended in various ingredients to create many different flavors of Leicha to treat all Leicha enthusiasts to many more tasteful experiences.

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