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Beipu Lei Tea House, a long-established well-known Hakka ethnic restaurant, is located in Beipu Street of rich humanity and traditional styles, as it provides delicious vegetarian meals, in addition to the DIY experience and delicious handmade snacks which bring the visitors much joy as they enjoy their afternoon tea.

Our Lei Cha is made from a mix of more than 20 natural grains. The complex and exquisite workmanship makes every cup of Lei Cha rich in dietary fiber, which makes it delicious and healthy. So if you ever come to Beipu Old Street, the Beipu Lei Tea House is a must-visit location for a taste of the traditional culinary flavors.

Address No. 4-1, Miaoqian St., Beipu Township, Hsinchu County 314, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone 03-5803181;0980663496


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