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Welcome to Central Taiwan Fun Pass (hereinafter, the Site)! Before using our services, please read our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer carefully. If you don’t agree to the terms, please stop using any service on this website. By using our services, you are agreeing to these terms. Additional terms and requirements may apply to specific services on the Site, and those additional terms become part of your agreement with us if you use those services.


Part One. Terms of Service

1. Recognition and Acceptance

All services provided by Central Taiwan Fun Pass (hereinafter, the Site) are subject to the Terms of Use.


2. Use of the Service

Upon the use of the Site, you agree to obey the Terms of Use and all relevant laws and not to engage in behaviors that infringe on others’ interests including but not limited to the following circumstances:


3. Registration Obligation, Security of Service Account and Password


4. Protection and Infringement of Copyright

    1. Your accurate personal data and contact information. You agree that when there is an objection, your personal information will be provided to the infringer;
    2. Evidence that you can legally represent the copyright owner;
    3. The copyright violated content and the name and description of the violated work;
    4. A statement that based on good faith, you think the use of the content has not been legally authorized or permitted by law;
    5. And a statement that based on your understanding of the liabilities of making false statements, the above-mentioned data provided by you is true.


5. Service Revision and Termination

You agree that the Site maintains the right to revise, limit, suspend or terminate all or part of our services at any time without notice. The Site bears no responsibility for revising, limiting, suspending or terminating all or part of our services. You have no right to damage compensation if the Site revises, limits, suspends or terminates all or part of our services.


6. Online Transaction Notice


7. Links to Other Websites

The Site or our partners may provide links to other websites or Internet resources and you may be connected to websites run by other operators but it does not mean the Site is in any relations connected to those operators. The Site shall not be held responsible for any website run by other operators. The Site does not guarantee the appropriateness, reliability, timeliness, effectiveness, accuracy and completeness of any inquiry results or outside links. You agree that the Site bears no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by linking to other websites.


8. Limitation of Liability

To the extent permitted by applicable law, you can only ask for compensation for direct damage. The Site is not responsible for compensation for other damages such as derivative, special, additional, indirect or punitive damages or profit losses. In no event shall the liability for damages of the Site exceed the amounts actually paid to the Site by you.


9. Collection, Processing and Utilization of Personal Data


10. Compensation

When requests or claims from any third party that are derived or caused due to your providing, posting, or sending “member content,” using the Site, connecting to the Site, violating the Terms of Use, or infringing on the rights of others, you agree that the Site and its agents and employees are to be free from any damage. If the Site and its agents and employees suffer from damages due to your behavior, you agree that you shall be liable for the damages including but not limited to litigation costs and legal fees.


11. System Interruptions or Failures

Interruptions or failures of our website may cause inconvenience, data losses, mistakes or financial losses for you. It is suggested that you take protective measures when using our website. We are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by your using or incapable of using our services unless the loss or damage was caused by intentional acts or gross negligence of us.


12. General Terms and Conditions