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Home All the tickets 《Beipu Taiwan FunPass Package》Taiwan FunPass Mt. Lion Daypass + Green World Ecological Farm + Beipu Old Street voucher NT$100

《Beipu Taiwan FunPass Package》Taiwan FunPass Mt. Lion Daypass + Green World Ecological Farm + Beipu Old Street voucher NT$100


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Including necessary transportation, popular attractions, local old street, Beipu Taiwan FunPass Package makes your trip comfortable and convenient.

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    即日起 ~ 2025/07/23

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Products Included

Taiwan FunPass Mt. Lion Daypass*1, Green World Ecological Farm Ticket*1 and Beipu Business District Voucher NT$100 (NT$50*2)


※Taiwan FunPass Mt. Lion Daypass

Walking in Zhudong, you will visit old train stations that go through history of Neiwan.

Roaming in Beipu, you will read nostalgia poems of Hakka mountain villages.

Traveling around Emei, you will taste the story of oriental beauty tea.

Having fun in Green World, you will explore diverse and rich ecology.

Hiking in Mountain Lion, you will find peace in temples here.

We wish you the best in Taiwan FunPass Hsinchu Mt. Lion route~~


※Outbound: TRA Zhubei >> Mt. Lion Visitor Center

1 TRA Zhubei→2 Zhubei Kou→3 HsinChu County Government→4 Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel→5 THSR Hsinchu Station→6 Green Lion apartment complex→7 Wenlin Temple→8 Zhudong Visitor Center→9 Green World Ecological Farm→10 Beauty Tea Museum→11 Beipu Old Street→12 Emei Station→13 Mountain Lion Visitor Center


※Return: Mt. Lion Visitor Center >> TRA Zhubei

1 Mountain Lion Visitor Center→2 Emei Station→3 Beipu Old Street→4 Beauty Tea Museum→5 Green World Ecological Farm→6 Zhudong Visitor Center→7 Enlin Church→8 Green Lion apartment complex→9 THSR Hsinchu Station→10 Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel→11 HsinChu County Government→12 Zhubei Kou→13 TRA Zhubei


official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/LionBus/


※Green World Ecological Farm

Green World Ecological Farm is an eco-farm located in Beipu, Hsinchu, Taiwan. It was opened in 2004, covering an area of about 70 hectares, of which more than 50 hectares retain natural old-growth forest and beautiful lakes and buildings in there are all energy-saving and carbon-reducing that can be warm in winter and cool in summer without air-conditioning. The whole area adopts ecological construction method to make rainwater recycle and sustainable use.


※Beipu Old Street voucher

Beipu has a distinctive Hakka settlement culture. The historic sites and shops on the old streets are staggered into a lively scene; Beipu, surrounded by mountains, is famous for its “Lei Cha” and “Dried Persimmon”. The local humanities and history make the journey much meaningful.

This product includes “Beipu Business District Voucher NT$50*2”. Each voucher can be used at the selected shops in Beipu Business District. Please show the QR Code at the counter when checking.

※Only QR Code will be provided, no physical ticket.

※After payment, please receive【Payment Completion Letter】and verify with the QR Code attached in the mail, or verify with the QR Code in 【Member】→【My Orders】→【Completed】→【Check】


  • Taiwan FunPass Mt. Lion Daypass: Present QR Code to the driver to verify before boarding; if verified, present the verification screen to the driver to secure the right of Daypass.

  • Green World Ecological Farm: Admission after verified the QR Code by the staff at the gate of the park.

  • Beipu Business District Voucher: Show the QR Code to the staff at the selected shops for verification.

※If the product is not used, refund at Central Taiwan FunPass

※If any product or gift in the package is redeemed, no refund is accepted.

※There is no order-change function. If you want to change the amount of person, you have to refund and re-order.

※Limit each product once.

※The validate period of the combined tickets will be 2 days from the date that the first ticket has been used. If the first product after October 1, 2019 enablers, the latest use of deadline until October 2, 2019 only.

※The voucher can be used to deduct NT$100 (NT$50*2) and can be used at the same time at the same shop.

※All products in the shop are applicable.

※the voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or change.

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