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《Entertainment x Ecology》Green World Ecological Farm x Little Ding-dong Science Theme Park Co-branded Ticket


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The best co-branded ticket of all time for families! Only one ticket to visit Green World Ecological Farm and Little Ding-dong Science Theme Park~ “Education and fun” and “Natural Ecology” are satisfied at once! You can enjoy the rich natural ecology of the Green World Ecological Farm that not only experiencing the fun of walking with alpacas and feeding in the bird garden, there are also many kinds of ecological landscapes for you to wander in; Little Ding-dong Science Theme Park is also worthy of family trip for it is a park full of wisdom and joy.

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This product includes “Green World Ecological Farm Ticket” and “Little Ding-dong Science Theme Park”. One ticket to visit two major attractions.


※Green World Ecological Farm

Green World Ecological Farm is an eco-farm located in Beipu, Hsinchu, Taiwan. It was opened in 2004, covering an area of about 70 hectares, of which more than 50 hectares retain natural old-growth forest and beautiful lakes and buildings in there are all energy-saving and carbon-reducing that can be warm in winter and cool in summer without air-conditioning. The whole area adopts ecological construction method to make rainwater recycle and sustainable use.

There are six major theme parks in the farm:

1. Swan Lake 2. Great Exploration Area 3. Aquatic Plants Park 4. Birds Ecological Park 5. Butterfly Ecological Park 6. Biodiversity Exploration Area. In addition, there are also the most popular “Animal Theater”, “Biodiversity Exploration Museum” and “Cute Animal Area”, as well as Four Seasons Garden, Tropical Rainforest Skywalk, Cactus Park, Herb Plant Zone, Grassland, International Conference Hall, Tropical-style House, Hakka-style Traditional House, Fantastic Plants Area and other attractions, 46 in total, which are of high quality, in depth and intellectual attractions in Taiwan.

In addition to the many plants and animals that can be visited, Green World Ecological Farm has ecological performances that are in close contact with the audience, such as parrot show, alpaca walk, pelican feeding show in holidays and so on. People who are interested may arrange an in-depth trip and pay a visit here where is definitely a good place to make you worth the fare.

The schedule of interaction with animals subject to the announcement on the official website:http://www.green-world.com.tw/service/animaltime.htm

The Six Major Theme Parks in the Farm:

  1. Swan Lake – Swan Lake is a natural lake. Under the planning of the farm, it has become a theme area integrated with nature. There are many swans, pelican, wild ducks, etc. that give people a good chance to know the ecology. Especially around the Moon Festival every year, various kinds of wild ducks from Siberia will come to the natural lake to live, and they will return to Siberia around the Children’s Day next year. As for the geeses remained, they will stay here for nurturing the next generation.
  2. Great Exploration Area – Great Exploration Theme Park consists of 10 areas. Many precious and rare species are planted in the park, such as peculiar cactus, many of which have been more than 100 years old and bloom one to two times every year. During the blossom, hundreds of thousands of colorful flowers will make the place flower sea where is full of fragrance of flowers, making people joyful. We present you the precious native Taiwan orchid which is taken good care by Green World Ecological Farm Team with professional experience and love. There are also plants that can move and chameleons that change their appearance and color according to the environment. They are waiting to meet you at the Great Exploration Area.
  3. Aquatic Plant Park – The Aquatic Plant Park is one of the largest aquatic plant parks in Asia. In the aquatic plant park, there are about 500 kinds of submerged, floating and emerging aquatic plants such as yellow water lily, Taiwan quillwort and bulrush. Whenever the aquatic plants blossom, butterflies will come here to collect nectar, and visitors can see the rare view at the same time.
  4. Birds Ecological Park – The Birds Ecological Park is the most special theme park in the Green World Ecological Farm. The farm simulated the natural ecological environment of birds and built a natural bird garden. There are hundreds of different kinds of birds in the jungle flying around visitors. Surrounded by birdsong, it makes you feel like you are in a tropical forest.
  5. Butterfly Ecological Park – The Butterfly Ecological Park has a rich variety of butterflies, which is the largest butterfly garden in Asia. There are atlas moths, Asian swallowtails, yellow butterflies, etc. From mating, egg laying, pupation to the process of metamorphosis, all of which allow us to learn the mystery of the life of butterflies. There is a nature classroom in the park to cultivate rhinoceros beetles, beetles, bees, mantises, locusts, etc. to introduce a series of insects and ecological tour.
  6. Biodiversity Exploration Area – Full of mysterious atmosphere. A few African giant pythons are coiled around the gate. Except for occasionally opening their mouths and yawning, they barely move an inch, lying still on the floor and take the sunbathing. With the dark brown patterns, if you don’t look carefully, you may think they are big branches of the landscapes layout! When you walk into the area, you will see the tropical rainforest with many strange creatures living in it such as footless lizards, piranhas, tree frogs, geckos that you have heard of but never seen before, or even have never heard of. There is also the treacherous weather of the tropical rainforest. When you come to Green World Ecological Farm, don’t forget to pay a visit to Biodiversity Area to experience the majestic momentum of the rainforest and thunderstorms. You will be amazed!


※Little Ding-dong Science Theme Park

Taiwan’s largest and only indoor ski resort and outdoor natural science amusement park, covering an area of more than 30 hectares, and includes dozens of scientific facilities that are of wisdom from ancient and modern countries, combining sound, light, power, water, wind, electricity and other principles of science and humanities. They are children’s favorite choice.

【Einstein Laboratory】

When we walk into the sloped house, we will find that the indoor level has changed, but the direction of gravity has not, so the body balance will have difficulty adapting. In addition, you cannot see the outside environment in a closed inclined house and cannot compare the correctness of the house. It is difficult for the body to coordinate with the indoor environment, and it will naturally shake and stand unstable.


【Water World 】

The water on the square will emerge from all directions. There are 48 nozzles with three different heights and a water column swinging up and down. As long as you enter the square, you are guaranteed to keep you wet and cool down to the end! If you want to get wet, you have to find the sensor before you can activate all the water nozzle! Move the switch, you will dance with the water, let you relax and enjoy it! In the center of the stage background in the water zone, there is a water curtain and a fire water gun above it. If you turn the wheel, it will spray water to the front of the stage. It is not putting out the fire but to keep you cool for the summer.

Facility Open Time: 5/1-10/31


【The Spring of Mozart】

We are going to introduce you a famous musician – Mozart.

He has a pair of sensitive ears which can the pitch of every single note.

There is a secret that he doesn’t like wind Instrument, especially trumpet!

He has a lot of well-known pieces, including The Magic Flute, The Marriage of Figaro, etc.


【Dutch Windmill】

The Netherlands is known as the “land of windmills”. As early as 1220, the Dutch invented the world’s first windmill to power the needs of mankind. The windmill is the pride and symbol of the Dutch nation. The Dutch people think that the windmill is the “heritor” of their development. Not only do they regard the windmill as the “national trademark of the Netherlands” but also on the second Saturday in May, the Dutch Windmill Day!


The Netherlands is flat and windy, and the smart Dutch people make use of the natural conditions of nature to reclaim the sea and let the windmills drain the water in the dams, turning the sea into lands. These windmills constantly such drain water, protecting two-thirds of the Dutch land from the threat of flooding. In the Netherlands, windmills are also used to grind grain, squeeze oil, roll felt and make papers.


【Fish and vegetable co-exist experience farm】

Let us focus on “environmental issues” and implement actions to love the Earth and start a low-carbon and environmentally friendly diet campaign to protect our health through the “food education” and to obtain vegetables and fruits with pesticide-free planting methods that water resources can be recycled. Not only can avoid pesticide residues, but also reduce food mileage!


【Gulliver Corridor】

◎Gulliver's Travels is an interesting fairy story, describing the interesting stories of Gulliver’s traveling around the world.

Lilliput: With the view of the giants, the writer look down and mocking at the human being.

Brobdingnag: With the view of the dwarfs, the writer look up at the vulgar and indifferent human being.

◎Experimental Game:

Try to find two friends who share the same height and body shape and walk into the corridor to find out if there is difference between our heights. Let’s see!


※Only QR Code will be provided, no physical ticket.

※After payment, please receive【Payment Completion Letter】and verify with the QR Code attached in the mail, or verify with the QR Code in 【Member】→【My Orders】→【Completed】→【Check】


● 綠世界生態農場:入館前請先至園區剪票口出示產品電子憑證(QR code)供工作人員來核銷。

● Little Ding-dong Science Theme Park: Admission after verified the QR Code by the staff at the gate of the park.


※If the product is not used, refund at Central Taiwan FunPass

※If any product or gift in the package is redeemed, no refund is accepted.

※There is no order-change function. If you want to change the amount of person, you have to refund and re-order.


※Green World Ecological Farm Notice:

【Open Hours】

Business hours: AM8:30 -PM5:30 (Flexible extension time on holidays)

Ticket time: AM8:30-PM4:00

【Admission Notice】

  1. No personal pets are allowed to enter the park.
  2. Bicycles or other riding tools are not allowed to enter the park.
  3. The park is an open animal and plant ecological farm. When visiting the park, please do not bend the flowers and feed the animals in the park.
  4. Barbecue, camping or picnic is not allowed in the park.
  5. Do not bring dangerous and harmful items such as knives, firearms, glassware, chemicals, toxic items, flammable items and so one into the park.
  6. The maintenance of natural ecology and environmental landscape is your common responsibility.

【Wearing 】

  1. This area occupies a large area, and the environmental terrain planning is mostly stair trails and sloped terrain. It is recommended that you choose comfortable casual shoes when entering the farm.
  2. When visiting the park in summer, it is recommended that visitors prepare more clothes replacement, sun shade and anti-mosquito products.
  3. Please bring you own umbrella, raincoats and other rain gear when entering the farm during the rainy season.

The Birds Ecological Park and Swan Lake are rich in species of wild ducks. It is recommended that you bring your binoculars when entering the park so that you can get closer to get close observation.

※Little Ding-dong Science Theme Park Notice:

【Open Hours】

Monday to Friday (weekdays) 09:00 to 17:00

Saturday and Sunday (holiday) 09:00 to 17:00

【Admission notice】

  1. The fare is for all day, regardless of weekdays and holidays (except for coin-operated and paid facilities)
  2. In accordance with the charging standards for children in the tourism and amusement industry of the Executive Yuan, age is the initial judgment and the height is the double determination of the re-judgment. Children under 3 years old or under 100cm can enter the farm for free. Any kids whose height is 100cm but under 3 need to present health insurance card. In order to maintain the safety of children under 3 years old, the ratio of accompanying caregivers to children is 1:3, please cooperate.
  3. The parking fee needs to be paid separately: NT$30 for scooters; NT$50 for large and small vehicles.

※Limit each product once.

※The validate period of the combined tickets will be 90 days from the date that the first ticket has been used. If the first product after October 1, 2019 enablers, the latest use of deadline until December 29, 2019 only.

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